Advantages of Using Integrated Software Solutions



As your business grows, it is important to have a plan regarding the applications you use. With time, you may need to acquire new software to improve efficiencies or improve productivity. However, adding multiple applications for business can actually reduce productivity rather than increase it. To avoid this, you should think of getting an integrate business software management solution.


Below are some benefits of using an integrated software management solution.


  1. i) User driven innovation

An integrated software management solution at enables process changes to be implemented quickly. As a result, business users can use their expertise to tailored applications and processes in a way that will increase performance. On the other hand, the IT department will be freed to focus on strategic initiatives that can improve the business bottom-line through creation of innovate value-added solutions.


  1. ii) Accelerate growth

When you have an integrated software solution, you can easily expand your business to multiple locations. Apart from this, adding more as sales channels can be done faster due to the unified account and order management data and processes. Other ways that the solution can accelerate growth include enabling cross selling and upselling, which can increase your customer base.


iii)           Save costs

Integrated solutions allow companies to save on IT costs. This is because IT will no longer need to procure, install or maintain different software solutions. Apart from this, the department will not have to worry about integrations. All these lead to a reduction in operational costs. Moreover, IT can spend the additional free time to improve the business.


  1. iv) Improve visibility

Making timely decisions is important in the daily operations of the business. Line managers need to make decisions that ensure productivity and continuity of processes without increasing costs. These decisions require the managers to have accurate information fast. Integrated software solution allow manager to have real-time date of different processes and operations. With this information, the manager can make decisions to improve productivity, avoid downtimes or prevent impending losses from occurring.


  1. v) Improve efficiency

Efficiency is another area where integrated software solutions come handy. Using the right solution, daily tasks that take a lot of your employees’ time can be automated. Tasks such as invoicing, making payments, payment collections and so on are prime candidates for automation. With the freed time, employees can concentrate on other aspects of the business. Automation can also save you from the costs of hiring new employees.


The above are five benefits of using an integrated software solution at


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